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Climax Bursts Waterbase Anal Lube - Gay Men's Sex Toys - Adam's Toy Box

Climax Bursts Waterbase Anal Lube

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Bursts is a wonderful water-based anal lubricant under the renowned TLC line from Topco Sales. It proudly bears the Climax brand, a brand that has a large collection of products which includes various sex toys and novelties made by Topco Sales. The item takes its unconventional name from the white Vitamin E particulates suspended in the water-based formula.

These droplets of Vitamin E are cleverly designed to burst open and get absorbed by the skin. Bursts provides a slick sensation like any other lube in the market but it distinguishes itself in the ingenious delivery of Vitamin E. Enrich your anal sex experience with the addition of Climax Bursts, the Vitamin E packing and glycerin free anal lubricant from Topco Sales. Show your treasured lover you care by putting on this lube and plugging that ass. Coat the walls of that anal cavity with slippery goodness and nourishing Vitamin E.

Size 4 oz
Flavour No
Special Features No
Product Code TS3141
Manufacturer Topco Sales