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Master Series The Key Holder Deluxe Clear Case with Lock

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Time as a lubricant.

Ever thought about how to use time to your advantage? Time is key when it comes to sexual pleasure—just think of foreplay. The Key Holder Deluxe is the very culmination of this concept—using time to your advantage.

To use it, simply place the desired keys inside the clear case and lock it using the timer/padlock. You can set it to open anytime you want—this can range from only one minute to up to 99 hours!

The beauty of this is that it can be used in combination with an infinity of other toys. You can use it particularly for BDSM toys. Cuffs that you can’t get out of until a certain time or the keys to a chastity toy, all of these are potential fun uses for this key holding case.

  • Digital timer
  • Crystal clear case
  • Padlock w/ timer included

An exciting little case and padlock that can level-up any experience by just using time in your favor.