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Blewit Men's Pleasure & Performance Masturbator + FREE LUBE

Blewit Men's Pleasure & Performance Masturbator + FREE LUBE

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For a limited time get a free JO for Men H2O Water-based lubricant when you purchase the BLEWIT Male Masturbator. 

BLEWIT is a male masturbator that has been designed for mind-blowing orgasms, but it doesn't stop there! Unlike other male masturbators, the makers of BLEWIT went an extra step in designing this product to function as a training unit in order to increase your sexual stamina. That's right, the BLEWIT Male Masturbator is an orgasmic trainer. It's not meant to be a replacement of your partner, but to train you to deliver the same mind-blowing stamina to them.

What Makes BLEWIT Stand Out?

  • 100% Discreet - It looks nothing like a male masturbator. You could leave it out on your bookcase or nightstand, and it looks just like a bluetooth speaker. Only you will know that it plays a different kind of tune!
  • Left or Right - It can be used by left handed and right handed people because of its twisted octagonal shape. No more awkward holding patterns.
  • It Won't slip - You can't tell from the picture, but the body is rubberized, making it not only super soft to hold but also slip-proof. Lube up, it won't even slip!
  • Air Tight Suction - Patent-pending ventilation system that creates a vacuum chamber allowing for unparalleled suction. You have to try it to believe it!
  • Easy To Clean - It's very important to keep your masturbator not only clean but dry as a whistle to prevent any ickiness from growing. Just run warm water with the cap on the top off - that's it! To dry, simply allow it to sit on the drying dock which featured ventilation holes and feet to keep it propped up while drying. 




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