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Clean Stream Lube Injector - 4 Piece Set

Clean Stream Lube Injector - 4 Piece Set

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Any Lube, Injectable.

The Lube Injector Kit from Clean Stream make any bottle of lube injectable. Avoid the mess of dripping lube onto your cock or your man's hole. Say goodbye to messily lubing you hand to make sure there’s enough lube on your hole. Inject your favorite lube directly into your ass.

Pump lube directly up your fuck hole thanks to the no-backflow design. Making cleanup painless and preparing your hole for a good deep fucking. Ever felt your cock dry up on entry? Fuck that, your man’s hole will be slicked up so you can get started fucking him up.

The finger grip triggers beside the almost 4-inch applicator give you the control you need to ensure mess free lubing. You’ll be confident knowing your hole is ready and able to a cock or a toy without any drying up sensation.

  • Nozzle Length: 3.75 in. ( 9.52 cm )
  • Insertable Diameter: 0.5 in. ( 1.27 cm )
  • Two Caps: 0.75 in. and 0.95 in in diameter ( 1.90 and 2.41 cm )
  • Two Tubes: 2.75 in and 3.95 in. long ( 6.99 and 10.03 cm )
  • Sanitary Storage Cap

Avoid a lube catastrophe and inject your favorite lube from the bottle directly into your hole.

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