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Master Series

Master Series Disguise Open Mouth Hood With Padded Blindfold

Master Series Disguise Open Mouth Hood With Padded Blindfold

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Keep'em In The Dark

This comfortable, lightweight hood with built-in padded blindfold stretches to enclose the entire head and face. The mouth is left uncovered to allow for insertions, gags, or whatever else you devious little mind can cook up. Perfect for sensory deprivation play or to cap things off for encasement enthusiasts.

  • Material: Spandex
  • One Size Fits Most
  • Built-In Padded Blindfold
  • Exposed Mouth

Keep them squirming with anticipation of what's to come!

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United States United States
Breathable, Flexible, Light Blocking

Works exactly as expected - you can breathe fine through it, for anyone who has concerns about it limiting air flow. Mouth opening is perfect size. The material all around lets light in, but the padding over the eyes blocks it out for almost blackout.

Saint St.James
United States United States
Big enough for a meaty head.. and heady meat..

This hood is perfectly suited for a person with a very large head. The blindfold blocks sight comfortably and only allows a little bit of light in. Put headphones in the subs ears and it adds an aspect of surprise to play. The open mouth is perfect for putting things in their mouth, my favorite is a ball gag.