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Master Series

Master Series Rogue Vibrating Erection Enhancer Anal Stimulator

Master Series Rogue Vibrating Erection Enhancer Anal Stimulator

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The Rogue will take you by surprise. Strap in and enjoy one of the most powerful orgasms of your life

Your cock throbbing and gripped tightly. Your balls stretched and bound. And intense buzzing probing against your taint. A thick bulb vibrating against your acheing prostate. The Rogue will wrap you in extreme pleasure that could even be overwhelming for some.

This toy can still be enjoyed without vibration, there is a slot to insert a vibrating bullet (not included). The rings on the front clutch your equipment while the bulbous head of the plug keeps it tightly in your ass. The tension jams the nub against your taint, taken to the next level with vibration.

The solid rubber construction keeps everything tightly in place but still stretches when needed. Keeping the toy lubed makes sure everything can slide and playfully pull. Incredibly endowed men, or those who are very tall, may have trouble using all the features. Nothing stopping you from using it on your partner though!

  • Combined butt plug with cock and ball rings
  • Bulbous head and taint stimulator
  • Can be used with a vibrating bullet (not included)
  • Not recommended for very tall or hung men

The Rogue is an erection enhancer, cock ring, butt plug and taint stimulator all rolled into one. Your cock will be absolutely raging by the time you even slip this on. Reviewers say this has given them some of the most intense orgasms of their lives, with or without vibration.

It may take a few minutes to get everything in place, but then it's just a challenge to keep from cumming too fast. Especially fun to play with and tease your partner while they're strapped in. The Rogue will be memorable however you use it.

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