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Perfect Fit

Perfect Fit Fat Boy Sport Extender

Perfect Fit Fat Boy Sport Extender

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Made from clear SilaSkin, the Perfect Fit Fat Boy Sport 6" Extender is smaller than its big brother, the Perfect Fit Fat Boy Large Extender, but the features are not in any way decreased. It has the same stretchy quality for easy use. It slips on and off quickly and that is due to the properties of Perfect Fit’s silicone and TPR blend. It hugs to your man meat and feels like a natural extension to your package. Though it does not bulk you up as much as the Perfect Fit Fat Boy Large Extender there is still some considerable enhancement to be gained. For the dicks at the lower end of the length scale this product from Perfect Fit should be a perfect fit for you. Like its bigger counterpart it works well with all kinds of lube, oil, silicone or water based - you can’t go wrong. When the deed is done wash it with soap and water to maintain it.

Special Features No Feature
Material TPR
Item Length 6 inches
Insertable Length 5.5 inches
Girth No
Product Code PF-CS-02
Manufacturer Perfect Fit
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