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Sir Richards Command Heavy Duty Cuffs

Sir Richards Command Heavy Duty Cuffs

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Make your boy your slave with the incredible Sir Richards Command Heavy Duty Cuffs

  • Strategic V-ring design that offers complete control
  • Comfortable collar wraps the neck while two heavy duty cuffs wrap each wrist
  • Fully adjustable stainless steel lock rings

Take control of your boy and limit his movement using the Sir Richards Command Heavy Duty Cuffs, made of high-quality material and are comfortable to wear during extended play. These cuffs are ideal for anyone who loves bondage play - both beginners and experts. The V design of the ring holding the two cuffs gives more control and avoids slippage - even during vigorous play. It also allows the neck to be firmly secured along with both wrists. These cuffs will not rub and pinch your skin neither will they leave telltale marks.

The thick nylon material of these cuffs makes them durable and is padded on the inside for comfort. The straps feature fully adjustable stainless steel rings that enable the cuffs to be worn by anyone. For those who are into BDSM, you don’t want to miss these amazing cuffs in your collection.
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