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Climax Hemp

Climax Hemp Seed Desensitizing Spray - 4 oz

Climax Hemp Seed Desensitizing Spray - 4 oz

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Extend your pleasure.

Sometimes, we have to sacrifice a little in order to get a lot. That’s the case with desensitizing sprays: they slightly numb the affected area, which helps double or almost triple the amount of time you can go without orgasming.

Orgasms are fleeting and are over in a second. As enjoyable as they are, it can be much better to, instead of coming a lot at once, to come just a little bit for a long time. Imagine having a small orgasm… for a whole hour. It is a trance-like pleasure that takes you out of space and time and drains you—in a good way.

Hemp seed is all natural and incredibly healthy for you. It’s also got soothing compounds that make your skin heal naturally and reduce irritation.

  • 4-ounce bottle
  • Desensitizing spray
  • Natural hemp seed extract
  • Good for your skin

A healthy, body-safe hemp seed spray that helps desensitize for extended sessions.

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