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Kiiroo FeelNew Refreshing Powder

Kiiroo FeelNew Refreshing Powder

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A clean toy is a happy toy.

The most important part about owning a toy is keeping it in good condition. Not just for the toy to last longer, but also for you. It’s not a pretty thought, playing around with something that’s not as clean and pure as you are. That’s why it’s always important to clean them—and make sure they stay that way.

Our biggest enemy? Water. Moisture and humidity, to be precise. After cleaning a toy, you usually pat them dry and that’s it. But any teeny small drop of water is a little home for bacteria to inhabit. Even the humidity in the air can make bacteria grow on your toys!

With this refreshing powder, you can keep all those disgusting things off your toys. After cleaning and drying your toys, simply apply some powder and spread with a finger or two. The powder will keep moisture away—and help preserve your toys better.

  • 100% body safe
  • Easy to use

A convenient product that keeps your toys cleaner and safer.

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