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Liquor Lube - Flavoured 4 oz

Liquor Lube - Flavoured 4 oz

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Get the party started with Liquor Lube...

This is one of the more unusual sex novelties in the market. It is popular and many love the idea of booze and lube mixing together in flavors that they immediately recognize. Of course you can use it alone but having flavor in a lube indicates and it is somewhat unsaid that a partner would be needed to better enjoy the product. It will definitely get your sexual buzz going on.

If you have experienced a climax from jacking off without lube, you should try it with lube like this and if sex was good without lube, making it slick will make it awesome. This is a high quality and specially formulated premium water based personal lubricant product made by Hott Products Unlimited and it is part of a line of Liquor Lube that also come in Mai Tai, Appletini and Sex On The Beach.

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