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Master Series

Master Series Spheres Adjustable Nipple Clamps & Weighted Clear Orbs

Master Series Spheres Adjustable Nipple Clamps & Weighted Clear Orbs

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These clamps allow you to perfectly adjust the pressure. The beautiful, glass orbs will adorn your partner and make him ache...

Nipple clamps can help increase your control over your partner. Sensual pressure can make him bend to your every will. These vinyl-coated clamps ensure you can maintain that pressure for as long as you want, or as long as he can handle. The intensity can be controlled by the precision thumbscrews, giving you complete power and the authority to change it. Alone, these clamps can subdue and dominate your partner.

The weighted, glass orbs help you clarify your dominance. Each adds 3 ounces of weight to the clamp, enough for your partner to realize his submission. The strain of these beautiful orbs will leave you savouring the ache. Allowed to hang, they pull and pressure. Playing with these spheres will give you unforseen joy while your partner struggles and cries for mercy.

  • Vinyltipped clamps for extended comfort
  • Precision thumbscrews for perfect pressure
  • Each glass orb weighs 3 oz., 1.5 inch diameter
  • Length: 4.75 inches, Clamps are 2.25 inches

These nipple toys will leave your partner under your complete control. The precision clamps and the weighted orbs create unparalled pressure. The orbs are yours to play with while they adorn your partner.

Glistening, glass weights can be combined with other tools and toys. Present your partner adorned with alluring, yet painful, devices of your complete control.

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