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One ULTRA Feel Condoms - 10 pack

One ULTRA Feel Condoms - 10 pack

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Closer Than Ever.

Get ready for pride with One ULTRA Feel Condoms. The unique 2-in-1 package wraps your meat and gives you some lube to ease into his hole. Feel the difference these ultra-thin condoms make. Enjoy all the warmth and sensation of your fuckboy without the risk.

Each condom is thinner than a piece of human hair meaning you’re as close as you can get to feeling his hole gripping your cock. With a total of 4 advanced condom technologies these condoms are not your daddy’s rubbers (or maybe they are...). The MICROROLL makes rolling this condom over you cock easy, securely setting in place without being super tight.

Protect your man-meat and your health with these super thin condoms. Extra comfortable to wear and you’ll feel all the sensations of penetrating your man. Enjoy safer sex and easy penetration with just the right amount of lube to pound his hole. If you’re being penetrated, then you’ll enjoy feeling his slick meat fill you up and every detail of his cock as its being inserted in you.

  • 2-in-1 Pack Condom + Lube
  • 4 Advanced Condom Technologies
  • Microroll Design
  • Thinner Than Human Hair
  • Extra Lubricated

These pre-lubricated condoms deliver on their promise of next to nothing feel and an ultra-gliding, lubricated sensation.

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