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Pjur ScenTouch Clear Innovative Massage Lotion

Pjur ScenTouch Clear Innovative Massage Lotion

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Hands on intimacy.

The Pjur ScenTouch Clear Innovative Massage Lotion is the versatile choice for intimate massage. It is available in four variants and each one has its own special quality that enhances the intimate touch of lovers or sex partners.

The first variant is Vanilla and it is thought that in some ancient South American cultures vanilla increases the sex appeal of a person. Very few can resist the positive reaction one gets when exposed to this scent.

The second one is Neutral. There is absolutely no fragrance to distract you from the sensual touch. It is all about the connection you feel from skin-to-skin contact. Totally vegan and contains no preservatives.

The third is Melon. It is fresh and liberating. You can also awaken your senses to the sensual pleasure of massage.

Strawberry is the fourth variant and when used, it releases a hint of sweet strawberries wafting in humid summer. Erotic, hot and wild.

  • Vegan product
  • No oil, no marks, and no residue
  • 6.8 oz
  • Vanilla, Neutral, Melon, & Strawberry

Blissful massage is a few clicks away. Buy this product today.

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