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Renegade Glass Bishop

Renegade Glass Bishop

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Aesthetic-fueled pleasure giving

A thick, beautifully transparent buttplug that was designed to look stunning and beautiful. But of course, this toy isn’t just for looking at—it’s also made to give pleasure in a most effective way. 

The oval shape of this buttplug tells you what your experience is going to be like. It starts out smooth and then it gradually increases pleasure—until it reaches a peak right at the middle of it. Then it gets thinner at the end, giving you a much needed relief that adds to your pleasure. 

It’s a great toy for those who enjoy buttplugs that can be easier on you without taking away any of the fun. It’s a great entry-level toy or just a toy for having a bit of fun. 

  • Dimensions: 4.7 X 2.5 X 2.2 
  • Weight: 23.92 oz
  • Transparent glass

A beautiful toy that is great for casual fun and/or for beginners. 

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