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Sport Fucker

Sport Fucker Fusion Overdrive Ring

Sport Fucker Fusion Overdrive Ring

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Can You Say Woof?

This thick and juicy cock ring from Sport Fucker is one of the best out there. The soft, plush silicone of the Fusion Overdrive Ring features the unique inner metal rods to add more resistance to your silicone cock ring. Designed for longer lasting, fuller erections, this cock ring will help you satisfy your man’s every need.

Pump up your bulge whenever you want with this extra thick cock ring. The added thickness helps lift your meat up and away from your body, providing you a fuller looking package when you’re on the go. The increased tension from the internal rods will take your sex life up to another level of pleasure.

This cock ring is perfect for the beginner kink looking to bulk up their bulge. It’s comfortable enough to wear for hours and you’ll never get tired of seeing you cock so rock-hard. The silicone makes clean up a breeze after you’ve finishing beating your meat or pounding his ass. All you need is a little soap and water.

  • Silicone
  • Easy to Clean
  • Unique Metal Rod Reinforcement 

Have a harder, fuller, more satisfying erection with ease, this cock ring grips your manhood in all the right ways.

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