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Master Series

Master Series Spandex Hood with Eye & Mouth Holes

Master Series Spandex Hood with Eye & Mouth Holes

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The quintessential spandex hood for all your bondage and roleplay needs

A touch of the unknown amplifies a hook-up or fantasy. This thin hood covers any identifying features while leaving the mouth and eyes exposed. For roleplay or bondage, this is a classic mask that feels like it's barely there.

The holes in the hood can bring a fantasy to life. They allow vision or access, depending on who's wearing the mask. Combined with a ball-gag or blindfold, the wearer will be completely under control. Or, your identity can be concealed for anonymous meetings or roleplay.

  • Spandex hood with mouth and eye holes
  • Lightweight, stretchy and breathable fabric
  • One size fits most

Master Series has created a simple but practical mask for whatever games you're playing. The material is thin, stretchy and breathable; you could wear this hood for hours!

The holes are the perfect size and allow for complete access and vision. You'll always be able to see the fear and excitement in his eyes. Combined with other BDSM or bondage toys, this hood can truly complete the fantasy.

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