Flesh Light

" I named it Edward and it's my new boyfriend "



Fleshlight – the number one sex toy is available at Adam’s Toy Box. This exquisite quality male masturbator is made from Fleshlight’s patented body-safe Superskin material, making the experience extraordinarily real. That’s actually an understatement! The sleeve is ready for action. Give it any girth and it will hug you better than any sleeve has ever hugged you before. It doesn’t stop there, repeated penetration will indeed stretch the Fleshlight but you can rest safe knowing that it will always return back to its original condition – it remains unaltered! That’s the magic of the Fleshlight brand.

Don’t go for an imitation, the Fleshlight line of masturbators will surely get you going. Each Fleshlight features its own unique chamber with different nobs, pulleys, nubs and ticklers, all with one goal – to get you off. You cannot get that with any other masturbator even if they promise to get you off like the Fleshlight, they just don’t stand up to its mere quality and ease of use.

Clean up is so simple. Grab your Fleshlight, unscrew the back-end dribble some Fleshlight Wash and run it under warm water. You’re all set to go. It is a must to use the Fleshlight Renewing Powder to keep the Superkin material in pristine condition. Check out our article on ­Taking Care of Your Fleshlight.