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Blewit Masturbator

BLEWIT is a male masturbator that has been designed for mind-blowing orgasms, but it doesn't stop there! Unlike other male masturbators, the makers of BLEWIT went an extra step in designing this product to function as a training unit in order to increase your sexual stamina. That's right, the BLEWIT Male Masturbator is an orgasmic trainer. It's not meant to be a replacement of your partner, but to train you to deliver the same mind-blowing stamina to them.

  • Patent-pending suction technology
  • High quality materials
  • Ergonomic design + easy clean drying dock
  • Controllable suction
  • Textured rubber shell for easy grip
  • Stamina trainer - helps you last longer in bed


Get the Blewit + Free Full Size Lube

$ 75.00 + Free Lube

BLEWIT Male Masturbator

Get the Blewit Masurbator
System Jo for Men H20 based lube for

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