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10 Top Dildos For Gay Men

10 Top Dildos For Gay Men

Whether it's keeping you company on a lonely night or tagging in to help out during your fun with friends, a great dildo can turn a mediocre night at home into a fuckfest for the books.

Best Dildos For Gay Men

If you're a gay guy who's new to shopping for dildos, you might not realize that some dildos are better than others when it comes to pleasing the male anatomy. This guide to our ten best dildos for gay men sounds off with our top picks to help you get the most out of your next dildo purchase.



10- Gay Pride Dildo

We get started off with this colorful dildo that's long enough to reach even the shyest P-spot, satisfyingly thick, and has just enough curve to make it useful for a guy. It also has a mighty suction cup so you can plop it down on something smooth and flat to get down to gettin' down.

If you're looking for a soft, comfortable dildo and you don't need too much curve to be able to hit your prostate, this is a solid choice.


 Basix Rubber Works Slim Dong 7"

9- Basix Rubber Works Slim Dong 7"

This dildo has an excellent curve to it that makes it great for stimulating your prostate as you penetrate. It has some nice, mellow texturing that adds some sensation without making the toy more difficult to clean.

It's a little thicker at the base than our previous entry but it's also tapered, making it a great choice for guys who are training up their holes. Top it all off with a decent suction cup and you've got a damn decent dildo at a good price.


 Glas Red Head Double Glass Dildo

8- Glas Red Head Double Glass Dildo

This baby is excellent for really getting a good juice-on for your prostate. It has a wicked curve that leads up to a nice, bulbous head. It's glass, so it's hella smooth and easy to clean and the double heads are sized just differently enough to give you some optionality on how you tickle your happy place. You also don't have to worry about choosing a lube that won't wreck your toy because glass plays well with anything.

A dildo that will last a lifetime, can be used with any lube, can milk a prostate like a champ, and costs less than twenty bucks? Yeah, we can get behind that!


 King Cock Plus 6.5 Dual Density Cock with Balls

7- King Cock Plus 6.5 Dual Density Cock with Balls

This is an extremely satisfying dildo that focuses on realistic feel. While the dual-density design and Fanta Flesh material do a great job of that, the real beauty of this dildo lies in its versatility. Sure, it feels great to sit on and rock away with, but if you look at the actual shape of the toy, it looks a lot like a serviceable prostate massager. That means you can either ride this baby out or just pop it into place and work those Kegels to squeeze out a prostate orgasm.

The one thing you might want to be aware of is that the Fanta Flesh requires a bit of extra care and upkeep to maintain. This could be a major turn off for some guys. If you're down to put in the minimal extra effort, however, you'll find this dildo to be an excellent new addition to any nightstand toy trove.


 Icicles No. 29 Hand Blown Glass - Clear w/Ridges

6- Icicles No. 29 Hand Blown Glass - Clear w/Ridges

This crystalline beauty is an exemplary example of what a glass dildo for guys should be. It has a nice curve to it and a tapered, bulbous head that works the prostate like a champ. It also features a spiraling texture that feels great during penetration and even eases it a bit. That, combined with the slender design, make this a great dildo for beginners that's more than capable of pleasing an anal veteran.


 Mack Tuff Ribbed Vibrating Silicone Dong

5- Mack Tuff Ribbed Vibrating Silicone Dong

This is a nice little vibrating number with a nice ridge along the head and a set of ridges along the top of the shaft that add some good sensations during penetration. It's just long enough to hit most guy's prostates but it could be a little longer when you get down to it.

It's got a 10-function vibrating bullet built into it that offers some pretty rumbly vibes without being too buzzy. It would be nice if it was USB rechargeable, but it gets the job done all the same. If you're a guy with a P-spot that's not located too deeply, this thing will rock your world.


Tantus Silicone Vibrating Dildo

4- Tantus Silicone Vibrating Dildo

While this dildo is billed as "the perfect harness dildo", we still find it to be an excellent choice for solo play because of the smooth, slender design and perfectly curved shaft. This bastard slides in easy and homes in on your prostate to deliver the vibes to the exact place they need to be.

Our only real gripe with this dildo is that the vibe is only single-speed. Even with that factored in, this is a solid dildo that hits the spot nicely without having to fuss around much.


 Loverboy Papito

3- Loverboy Papito

This is an excellent dildo to slap down on a flat smooth surface, mount, and grind your prostate against until you melt away. The drastic curve of this dildo is what makes it really shine as a dildo that satisfies men because it gets right up in there and grabs your prostate and won't let go.

It's got some pretty intense texturing on the shaft that might be a bit too bold for some guys and make sit a bit harder to keep clean, but Papito is well worth the effort once you get to know him!


 Prince Yahshua Ultraskyn 10.5" Cock

2- Prince Yahshua Ultraskyn 10.5" Cock

If you're into somewhat larger dildos, this one is pretty much the Rolls-Royce of realistic dildos. It features a dual-density design combined with realistic UltraSkyn technology to create one of the most realistic feeling dildos out there.

It has an insanely powerful Vac-U-Lock suction cup and a pronounced curve at the head. The coronal ridge is also quite pronounced and adds extra sensation for your prostate. If you like 'em big and don't mind the extra maintenance that comes with realistic materials like UltraSkyn, it's tough to beat this badass dildo!


 Tantus Curve

1- Tantus Curve

This is pretty much a perfect suction cup dildo for men. The cup is powerful and doesn't give out easily. The curved and gently ridged shaft is incredible for prostate stimulation and is the perfect length to get the job done. It's soft, smooth, and slides in easily.

This is another awesome dildo for sitting on and grinding your prostate against. Now we just have to wait for them to put out a vibrating version!


General Tips And Resources For Guy's Dildos

If you're new to the dildo game or just would like to brush up on the fundamentals, these guides should help you find what you need to get the most out of your new best buddy.


 dildos to buy

Useful Dildo Accessories

Dildos are great, but they can be even better with the right accessories!

Obviously, your first concern is going to be lube. Each toy material has different requirements for which lubes are safe to use with them and which are not. If you are unsure whether or not your toy is safe with a particular lube or not, you can always just split the difference and use a water-based lube that is compatible with any material. Our favorite is Boy Butter Easy Pump - H2O because it's slick as hell and has an easy, one-handed pump dispenser that puts out just the right amount of lube without waste.

Cock rings go great with everything and dildos are no exception! If you're going to use a cock ring, it might as well be a vibrating one! For a simpler, lower-end vibrating ring, we recommend this little number because it has a centrally-located vibe that's easier to get into a pleasurable position.

If you're looking for something fancier, the Sir Richards Elements Cockring offers intense vibes, comfortable design, and a snug fit while still being on the economical side of the high-end range.

Finally, anal play is always easier when the lube is where it needs to be. The only way to ensure perfect, well-placed lube coverage is to get in there with a lube shooter. when it comes to lube shooters, you can't do much better than the CleanStream Smooth Silicone Lubricant Launcher. It's soft, has a perfectly-sized chamber that holds just enough lube without overdoing it, and it's comfortable as hell to use.

Top 10 Dildos

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