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10 Top Sex Toys For Single Gays

10 Top Sex Toys For Single Gays

Thanks to the internet, sex toys are everywhere. There’s literally the opposite of a shortage of sex toy options, if I were a more stable person, I’d probably say there’s a surplus!

Of course, you’re wondering ‘Why?’ Well, it’s because the market for sex toys has been innovating new and better ways to shoot your shot, bust a nut, blow you load, blast off a love rocket, and skeet skeet to your dick’s content.

These toys will suck your cock or turn it into a vibrating fuck stick. The possibilities are endless! 

no boring sex toys

Goodbye to boring toys, to those toys that just aren’t up to par. Today’s sex toys, dildos, masturbators and the like are designed to look and feel fantastic. You basically don’t even need to leave home again, which is perfect given everything going on.

Maybe your tastes are more extreme or maybe you’re looking to improve your endurance. Either way, I’ve got the perfect sex toys for you on this list!

From insane anal beads to powerful cock rings, here are the top ten sex toys for single gays.

Kiiroo Onyx Interactive Masturbator - Ft. Fleshlight

1. Fleshlight

The brand that took the male masturbation game by storm. Fleshlight offers a wide variety of entries and textured tunnels for you to penetrate with your man-meat. The designs have been updated over the years from its original inception in the 90s, which just means they’re better than ever. They even have clear designs so you can watch your cock explode with jizz deep inside this masturbator. You have a little bit of control over the level of suction, so you can get the feeling of an intense deepthroat or a more sensual dick sucking session. Some models are even syncable with VR Porn to experience a whole new world of masturbation.

Sport Fucker Motovibe Rev Cockring

2. Sport Fucker Motovibe Rev Cockring

This is a seriously good cock ring from Sport Fucker. The Motovibe features insanely powerful vibrations that turn your cock into a rock-hard, real-life vibrator. You’d think that’s better suited for when you're laying pipe versus doing the five knuckle shuffle, but trust me, you’ll never look at your cock the same way again. This cock-ring gets your manhood harder and fuller than it would be normally, which feels fantastic in your hand. You’ll get nice and veiny too, which is extra hot when you’ve only got one cock to play with. There’s nothing like stroking your cock as it’s vibrating with intense waves of pleasure. Plus, you can use it with some back door toys for even more intense play.

Bathmate Hydro 7

3. Bathmate Hydro 7

What guy doesn’t want a bigger cock? None of you? Thought so. Bathmate penis pumps utilize negative pressure from expelling water to pump your cock to its max. After a few minutes in your dick will come out swinging lower and feeling thicker than it’s ever been. You can use it in the shower or bath, even walking around the house until you’ve got the pump you’re looking for. I love watching porn while I’m pumping so my cock stays hard and gets even bigger. Then when I’m done, I edge my thick cock until I explode. Your cock stays thickened for hours, too, so you can enjoy a thicker, fuller cock basically all day long!

Master Series Claw Expanding Anal Dilator

4. Master Series Claw Expanding Anal Dilator

If you’re a bottom worried about your hole being too tight for that hung top that pounds you just right, then I’ve got the toy for you! Prep and train your hole for a pounding with an expanding anal dilator. By using pressure, this toy naturally loosens up your hole so you’re ready for that big daddy cock you’ve been craving all quarantine. Heck, you can even use it to prep for riding your favourite dildos, no judgement! It’s also just great to leave in your hole as you start your day. Just pop it in after a shower and enjoy the intense feeling of fullness that your hole is hungry for. Maybe you can’t see you’re casual dom fuck-buddy right now, but you can tell him you’re keeping your hole ready thanks to this toy!

Master Series Spades Anal Beads XL

5. Master Series Spades Anal Beads XL

Now, this is a toy for seasoned ass-play lovers. Anal beads can be wonky or too flimsy to really work with. This is a toy that’ll take your solo anal play to a whole other level! The tapered beads and the firm, flexible TPR make for easy insertion. And the satisfactory pop of each bead passing your entrance is like no other set of anal beads. You’ll have 9 inches of anal joy with this toy. It’s like taking the thickest cock head over and over, further into your hole. This toy will make a sub out of any bottom, solo or with your dom after quarantine. The best part is, you can take as few or as many beads as you’d like! Pro tip: Just as you’re about to climax, pull the beads out at a steady pace and shoot your load at the same time. It’ll be one of the most intense orgasms of your life!

b-Vibe Snug & Tug Weighted Silicone & Penis Ring

6. b-Vibe Snug & Tug Weighted Silicone & Penis Ring

I love a good ass-lock and b-Vibe does not disappoint. The cock ring firmly grips your cock, giving you a harder erection almost instantly. The attached butt plug is their signature weighted design that ensures you feel that fullness you’re looking for. When you’ve got this bad boy on and you’re stroking your cock, you’ll feel every motion tug at your hole. If you like to change rooms during your masturbation sessions, maybe you would be more comfortable in bed, you’ll feel this toy with every step. The plug even features dual internal balls that give pleasure in waves from every movement. You don’t even have to take it off after you’ve shot your load. It’s comfortable and flexible enough to wear for hours on end, just keep an eye on your cock.

Curve Novelties Jock Dong 10" with Balls

7. Curve Novelties Jock Dong 10" with Balls

The hung jock you want in your life is in your reach, without all the fuckboy drama. It has a powerful suction cup so you can ride him roughly into the night. And you’ll want to do just that on this deliciously thick shaft. The realistic head and balls give a lifelike feel to this massive dong. The perfect size for those looking to step it up a notch without feeling like you’ll never walk again! Suction this fucker to the wall of your shower and ride him doggy style to enjoy this perfectly curved cock to its fullest. It’ll hit your p-spot just right and rearrange your inside in all the right ways. If you’ve never taken a curved cock before, then you’re in for a hell of a night with this member!

Clone-A-Willy Kit - Vibrating

8. Clone-A-Willy Kit - Vibrating

Ever wonder what it’s like to be on the receiving end of your cock? Well, now you can know in no time at all. Clone your manhood with this Clone-A-Willy vibrating kit and feel what it’d be like to take your cock as if you were some vibrating energizer sex bunny. Take my advice and put on your hottest porn and read over the instructions carefully. The end product is probably something you’ve never imagined. You can take it to the next level and clone your cock more than once to enjoy an intense, solo-orgy. The possibilities are endless! You could clone with or without a cock ring to intensify the veins on your cock for the night when you wish you could just pound yourself the way you want.

Master Series Fusion Tripple Nipple Suckers

9. Master Series Fusion Tripple Nipple Suckers

Do you love playing with your nips? Then this is the perfect set for you! These nipple suckers are fully adjustable to take your nipple play that extra step further. You can experience mild to extreme suction with a simple adjustment. Keep cranking them more and more while you’re edging your cock or just lazing about in quarantine. If you pop these off right at climax you’ll feel an intense release and your nipples will be extra sensitive for hours. You can also take them off before you bust your nut to enjoy the added sensitivity. There’s nothing like playing with your nipples after they’ve been plumped up by suckers.

King Cock Double Penetrating Dildo

10. King Cock Double Penetrating Dildo

Have you made some post-quarantine commitments while jerking off scrolling through Grindr? Prepare yourself for double anal penetration or simply enjoy the intense experience at your own pace. Whenever and wherever you want thanks to the powerful suction base. You’ll be ready to bottom for that super hot couple, you can even use it to stretch your hole for those ultra-thick toys. You can ride each cock individually and they really shine when they’re slipped in together. They twist and shift as you ride them like real cocks, you just get to avoid all the weird small talk! You’re missing out if you’ve never tried taking two cocks and what better way to give it a shot than from realistically crafted dildos in the perfect, manageable size.

solo sex life

Just because you’re single during all of this doesn’t mean your sex life has to only involve your hand, some porn, and your tired cock. Spice things up with the best sex toys for single gays. You can enhance your solo sexytime, and even use them with a partner or casual fuck post-quarantine.

As a bonus: Check out the Magic Wand massager. You can send powerful vibrations basically anywhere on your body. There are also a ton of attachments you can find that turn this already fantastic toy into a well-rounded sexual powerhouse.

Top Sex Toys For Single Gays

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