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7 Deadly Tips to Bottom Like a Pro

7 Deadly Tips to Bottom Like a Pro

If you want to learn how to bottom, there are hundreds of tutorials out there on how you do it, but if you're going to ride it like a pro, this post is perfect for you.

It's true, bottoming can be an uncomfortable, weird, and, in many cases, even a painful experience. As a friend of mine would say: bottoming is more about being relaxed than horny. Still, there's so much more to it if you want not only to truly enjoy it but to do it like a pornstar.

If you're looking for the best examples of bottoming experts, I might say porn stars are the best option. Yes, there are many things we don't see when we watch porn: behind-the-scenes deals, video editing magic, intense preparation, and many other things that make porn an unrealistic example of sex. Still, porn stars' job is to be studio-ready for those long hours of filming, and their asses take all that pounding like champions. In the end, it might be a job, but they are stars for a reason, and who says you can't enjoy your job? Am I right?

If you want to know what porn stars do to prepare for a hardcore pounding and to actually enjoy it like a rollercoaster ride, check out this list we made with the best tips for a bottoming professional.

 7 Sexy Tips To Bottom Like a Porn Star

7 Sexy Tips To Bottom Like a Porn Star

1) What you eat is very important

Having a consistent diet is crucial if you want to make douching an easier task. You can get many supplements to help your body deal with fat, dairy, and digestion overall; fiber pills will be one of your best friends to make your body have the best vowel movement. Still, there's nothing like having a consistent diet rich in fiber to help your body be clean.

Porn stars recommend avoiding certain kinds of food in order to be clean, you know, on the inside:

  • Dairy

  • Spicy food

  • Red meat

  • Beans

  • Alcohol

  • Generally speaking... anything that could irritate your colon.

Some people suggest avoiding food at all for a couple of hours if you're going to have anal sex, but porn stars take it to the next level. Many bottoming tutorials out there suggest douching two hours after you had your last meal, so you can be sure you're really clean inside. Porn stars say not eating for eight hours before having anal sex is what could be genuinely beneficial for having your interiors as clean as possible.

Would I starve for eight hours for a good dick? I mean, some dicks are worth it.

 The proper use of an enema for douching

2) The proper use of an enema for douching

Many bottoms will just take a fiber pill, take a shower, and hope for the best. Still, suppose you want to bottom as professionals do. In that case, it's better if you use an enema to flush your anal cavity. 

While you can find disposable enemas in the store, porn stars recommend using reusable ones, as they're best for a proper douching. First of all, it's more practical to have an enema at home for whenever you need it, instead of running to the store every time you want to have anal sex. Besides, the walls of a reusable bottle are thicker, and that's better for an anal douche; you'll need to do it more than once if you want to be clean enough to evade accidents.

When using a douche, you should stick to water and avoid any other kind of liquid. Some people might prefer saline water or even soap when douching, but porn stars say, "Just water, please!".

  • Saline water is a laxative, and you DO NOT want that going into you if you're about to bottom.

  • Soap might irritate your colon and make anal sex terribly unpleasing.

Here's what porn stars say is the best way to use an enema:

  1. Use water from your sink.

  2. Make the water a little cooler than room temperature. Not too cool, but NEVER too hot.

  3. Squeeze the water into your bumhole in a way that feels comfortable for you. Some people like to do it as hard, trying to reach as far as possible. Others prefer to start soft and increase intensity progressively as you build momentum.

  4. Hold the water for a few seconds.

  5. Sit on the toilet and expel the liquid. Do it actively as you're trying to push a big poop (that'll help reduce residual water inside of you).

  6. Repeat this process until you see you're expelling clean water three consecutive rounds.

  7. Sit on the toilet for about five minutes to let all the extra water come out of your body.

3) Never forget about the lube

When talking about anal sex, lube is not just a fantastic tool; lube is necessary. Some bottoms might be able to ride a dick using just spit as lube or no lube at all. But, unless you're entirely sure you're one of those loose cock destroyers, NEVER let a top try to enter you without lube unless you're looking for an anal tear or worse.

Lube should always be used for whatever anal activity: 

  • Fingering

  • Sex toys

  • Penetration (obviously)

You can also use flavored lube to give a man a delicious rim job. I mean, many men enjoy the taste of a clean asshole, but if that's not your case and you still want to experience what it is to eat a man's ass, this is your alternative.

The critical point here is: Always use lube.

The other critical point here is: SPIT IS NOT LUBE!

4) It's about relaxing more than anything else

As we said before, anal sex is more about being relaxed than being horny. Your butt is full of muscles, and do you know what happens to muscles when you're stressed, worried, or scared? They get tense. Now, do you know what happens when a muscle is tight, and you try to force it? It hurts.

Did you get the analogy? (pun intended)

If you want to enjoy anal sex and do it like an anal hero, you first need to relax. The tricky part here is that there's no recipe for relaxing, as everyone's body is different. What works for one man might not work for another. So, you need to discover by yourself what best works for you.

Bottoming experts suggest focusing on your breath as you do in yoga.

  • Breathe deeply in through your nose and out through your mouth.

  • Breathe slowly and smoothly.

  • Picture your breath as the sound of the waves in the sea.

Practicing yoga is a piece of excellent advice overall. It'll give you tools not only to relax but also to be more flexible and able to try more acrobatic sex positions. However, yoga might not be for everyone, so you need to find what best helps you relax if it's not for you.

Porn stars say using poppers is alright, but you need to do it carefully. For them, poppers are more of a short-term fix, especially if you're new to them and to anal sex; a minute after you use them, your hole will start closing, and it'll be as if you never did a thing. Besides, poppers are a vasodilator, and so is viagra, and you should never mix two of them. So, even if you decide to use poppers, you still need to find ways to relax that depend solely on your mind and body.

 The importance of foreplay in gay sex

5) The importance of foreplay

While in porn and some movies, we see men going straight to penetration with no prior warning whatsoever. That's called an ellipsis, and it's a narrative resource to jump in time towards what's essential to the story, in this case: anal sex.

However, in real life, we don't have ellipsis, so we can't jump ahead towards anal penetration with no preparation. In this case, preparation means foreplay.

Rimming is delicious, period. It should be a requirement when having anal sex. Many porn stars not only suggest rimming, but they also mandate it. If you haven't eaten an ass or got your ass eaten, you're missing out, honey.

Getting your ass eaten feels almost as good as bottoming, but it requires 0 effort in comparison. Suppose your body has the natural reaction to clench whenever to try to put something into your ass. In that case, rimming is an excellent way for your ass to relax and calm down. Five minutes of rimming before penetration can really make the difference. 

Some porn stars also suggest fingering. Many men can find it weird to be fingered by another man, as the sensation of a bony finger up your butt can be strange. Still, you can always finger yourself (while sucking your man's dick, for example) or use a soft sex toy to prepare your asshole for your man's size. Using lube is always mandatory when doing this.

6) Bottoming for hours and hours

Okay, an essential part of doing something like a pro is doing it for a long time: So what's the trick for getting a pound for hours and hours while not worrying about being clean?

If you don't have new food in your digestive tract and have already cleaned it up, you have nothing to worry about in this area. Porn stars' most remarkable advice on this area is avoiding eating eight hours before you start douching. Furthermore, you can try cleaning out beyond your rectum and into your colon, but keep in mind this requires a more advanced technique, and it's a more uncomfortable process.

Another tip given by pornstars is using Imodium and anti-diarrhea supplements to prove clutch in your insides. However, they suggest you always consult a doctor and read the pill's instructions before using them to ensure it's safe for you. 

 The best sex positions for a pro bottom

7) The best sex positions for a pro bottom

When you watch porn, you see many different sex positions. The ones that go from traditional and simple to others that are very acrobatic, but is there one that's the best or a bottom?

The answer to that is simple but complicated at the same time: the most pleasurable sex position you'll find is the one that best suits you.

As each body is different, as it is what every man likes when having sex, the best sex position for you is the one that feels the best and that gives you the experience you want. For example:

  • Doggy style: it provides excellent access to your prostate, but you won't be able to kiss.

  • Missionary: More control for the bottom, more intimacy as you can have eye contact.

  • The bottom on his stomach: Also excellent prostate access, and the bottom can feel dominated by the top.

  • Riding: The bottom has complete control, but he does most of the job.

The best position for you will depend on how intense you want it to feel and how you want to experience your sex encounter overall.

 bottoming expert

A little disclaimer

As we said many times during this post: everybody is different, and what works for one man will not necessarily work for another. You can try all these tips and experiment with them, but never force yourself trying to enjoy something: that's simply not a real thing. 

Find what you like, what works for you, and what you really want. There's where you're going to be really fucking like a porn star, like a bottoming expert.

Deadly Tips to Bottom Like a Pro

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