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Lubricant Guide

Sex is better with lube. It just is! The truth is, sex is spontaneous and spontaneity calls for some coordination and comfort. That’s where lube comes in. Lube is there to ease the friction, dryness and chafing that is commonly associated with anal sex or with the use of anal toys or masturbators. With that said, the easiest way to combat the above and get you to focus on what really matters, is to use a personal lubricant. Make sure to use  lube with all activities. Whether it’s with sex toys (like anal toys, dildos, masturbators) or with a partner during sex. It’s very simple, and we’ll break it down for you right here. There are basically three categories of lubricants:   - Water-based lubes - Silicone lubes - Oil-based lubes With that out of the way, which one are you looking for? Well, for starters, one lubricant is not better or worse than the next. Each has its advantages as well as “disadvantages” (merely personal preferences more than disadvantages if you ask me). Let’s get down to it!

Water-based lubricants

The name says it all. Water based lubricants are basically composed of water. The coolest thing about water-based lubes is that cleanup is very easy. Since this lube is water-soluble, our skin will absorb it. Therefore, all that is required is to wipe off with some warm water, and like magic, it’s gone! One of the best features of water-based lubes is that they are smooth and velvety. It feels smooth and silky to the touch, but not sticky or messy like silicone and oil-lubes (if that’s an issue for you). The only downside that is really a personal preference is that you may have to re-apply this lube, depending on how long you plan to keep at it, which is again more of a personal preference and a question that you can only answer for yourself.  Flavored lubes:  You will typically find that flavored lubes are water-based with sugar added, at times, to make anything you put it on taste great! Flavored lubricants can be added in any situation, at any time and anywhere. They are a fun and fruity add-on to virtually any activity!  To sum it up: Pros: - Smooth, velvety texture - Non-sticky, not messy & not oily - Water-soluble - Easy cleanup: warm water and just wipe - Can be used with any condom & sex toy, will not corrode latex  Cons: - May need to re-apply


Silicone Lubricants

Silicone lubricants are safe to use in any part of the body, even in intimate areas. As the name suggests, silicone lubricants are much more oily than water-based lubes, but last a lot longer. That means that there won’t be any stopping during intimate moments to re-apply. However their longevity comes with a small downside, cleanup with silicone lubricants can be a little bit harder than it is with water-based lubes. They are also great for anal sex, and due to their longevity men tend to like the fact that you don’t have to stop and re-apply. In addition, some enjoy the oily feeling of silicone lubes because of its silky smooth texture. Now, it is not recommended to use silicone lubricants with silicone sex toys. The reason being, silicone ingredients could possibly disintegrate the surface of some sex toys (namely those made of silicone) and cause it to have a sticky feeling. Over time, and with repeated use, sex toys will disintegrate and become less pleasurable.  To sum it up: Pros: - Longer lasting; no need to re-apply - Silky smooth texture - Great for anal sex - Can be used on any intimate areas with little discomfort - Can be used with all condoms and latex products Cons: - Should not be used with silicone sex toys - Harder to wash off


Oil-based lubricants

Oil lubricants are less popular, but still great as a personal lubricant. They are much less popular for sex due to the fact that the chaffing may cause the breakdown of latex. Latex is commonly found in condoms and other products, therefore it is not recommended to use oil-based lubricants for sex, unless it’s with a trusted partner. However, the upside is that it may still be used personally, and it’s great at that. The smooth texture and thickness will most certainly feel amazing!  Oil-based lubes are hypoallergenic, safe to use with all sex toys and cleanup is a breeze. To sum it up: Pros: - Great as a personal lubricant - Smooth, thick and rich texture - Hypoallergenic - Safe to use with all sex toys   Cons: - Cannot be used with latex condoms (unless it’s with a trusted partner)
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