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Choose Anal Stretching Not Because It Is Easy But Because It Is Hard


anal stretching

A Matter Of Will...

We do things for a variety of reasons and for whatever reason you have for doing anal stretching, you do it because you will it. Anal Stretching is not an easy feat and there is no quick way or shortcut. It is a hard endeavor that will require patience and hard work for you to achieve the loose space you desire back there. Do you have the will? There is a way.

While it is not easy, this difficult task is not rewardless. The prospect of continually pleasuring yourself with a variety of anal implements to stretch your asshole may be reason enough for some. There are those who are driven by purpose and that is a singular and focused desire to stretch that bunghole to the max. Ambition like this requires dedication and every great adventure starts with a first step.

male ass

Man did not have to go to the moon or build the Great Wall but men will be men and when man wills it, it usually happens. Man is driven by a variety of things but when man truly desires something, man will move heaven and earth to achieve it.

If you are just starting out with your journey into the anal arts, there is a long road ahead and you will need to be patient and work hard to achieve your goal. There will be pleasure and there will also be some pain but if you work past the pain, you will be closer to that stretchy bottom you want.  

"Man did not have to go to the moon or build the Great Wall but men will be men and when man wills it, it usually happens."

Douching To Make Training A Clean Exercise

With a typical bulb douche or similar product/device, perform a quick cleanse of your bum so that when you work it, you will be having some clean fun. Shit happens, but for most, it is an undesired event during training that may be avoided. Training and cleaning up a mess after you are done training is not an ideal way to go. It is not guaranteed that shit will not happen but by taking this step, you are sure that the immediate vicinity is clean - that is until some shit goes down the system.

Poking And Stretching Your Posterior With Fingers

Before you begin, remember the lube. Please do not use the desensitizing kind. Pain is your friend, it will tell you if you are overdoing it or not. You can use spit but commercially available personal lubricants are recommended. Lube the hole and the thing used for penetration and stretching.


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As a beginner you will need to start slow and poke that puckered brown eye with a finger. Move it around and loosen yourself up. Get it relaxed and comfortable. Enjoy as much of this as you can because you will need to go outside of your comfort zone after that. You will then stretch it open with your fingers. Push on the sides of the sphincter and start working it open until there is discomfort or if you are tough enough, until you can stand the pain -  just be careful not to overdo it. Slip in a finger, try another and another, progressing as you go.

Butt Plug Trainers

Butt plugs will be the essential tools you will need to really start getting some results. Like an athlete that trains for the Olympics, you will workout to get that bottom loose. There are many tapered butt plugs in the market and these anal trainers come in a variety of sizes and sets designed for the different levels of anal enthusiasts. As a beginner, the smallest set or the one larger than the current number of fingers you can already handle should be set that you should choose.

Colt Anal Trainer Kit

Again, lube up and then proceed to insert the smallest one in your ass until you start to feel discomfort or until the point you can still handle the pain. Give yourself some encouragement by pleasuring your hole for a bit before starting again. When you have conquered that butt plug, move on to the next size and keep going until you have conquered the set. After that, it is time to start shopping for a new set.

Typical Butt Plug Session

Lube the butt hole and the butt plug. Position the tip and insert it slowly until it reaches the point of discomfort. You can also go past this discomfort and take the pain but be mindful not to take it too far and tear your tushy. Squeeze, release and then pull back a little. Repeat this and push forward. Working the muscles of the anus by squeezing and relaxing until they get tired like the regimen of any body builder will loosen it up nicely. Perform this for a few sets and then you are onto the next set. With the same plug, push until the discomfort starts and then pull back, slowly increase the pace and fuck that ass and you will notice that you get farther and farther from the point of discomfort because the pleasure is overwhelming the senses. When you have had your fun and perhaps climaxed, it is time to give it a rest. You should progress past your first butt plug in no time as you do this training. Do not push too much too fast. There will be plenty of pain and if there is not enough pleasure, this may ruin the experience. Enjoying the anal workout is all part of the ass training. The pleasure that comes with the pain should keep you going.

Lube Cannot Be Stressed Enough

The anus is not a self lubricating part of the human body and thus friction should be fought at every turn. Any kind of lube will do but some lubes just work better than others. The market is full of choices and though spit is an option, anal stretching may require a better performing lube to get the job done.

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Slow and Steady

Rome wasn’t built in a day and you should take your time but remember to do your training at a consistent pace. Also, keep on the lookout for new anal training products out there so you can be at the cutting edge of technology when it comes to anal stretching.

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