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Top 10 Realistic Dildos

 Top 10 Realistic Dildos
Realistic dildos are one of the hardest types of sex toys for guys to pick out for themselves. There is a lot you have to consider. Will it hit my P-spot? Will that finely detailed shaft be hard to clean out properly? Is that suction cup going to give out while I'm mid-ride? Does it actually feel real or just look that way? Well, you get the picture- there's a lot to sort out.

Realistic dildos sex toys

If you could use a little guidance picking out your next realistic dildo, this list of our top ten favorites should be a good jumping-off point!


Blush X5 5 Dildo with Flexible Spine

10- Blush X5 5 Dildo with Flexible Spine

The number ten spot goes to this innovative little dong that features a poseable internal core that allows you to customize the curve of the dildo for maximum stimulation where you want it. It's made from a special, life-like TPE blend called X-5 that feels incredibly soft and realistic.

The only reason this dildo isn't quite a bit higher in the ranking is that it is a bit short. A lot of guys like a little more wiggle room to play with but if you're the type of guy who likes their toys closer to the size of the average guy's dick, this is a surefire winner!


Average Joe - The Nerd Sheldon Vibrating Dildo

9- Average Joe - The Nerd Sheldon

Along the same lines as the previous entry, this dildo is a bit shorter than a lot of guys like but is girthy enough for guys looking for a bit of extra stretch in their dildo without getting too crazy. It does have a slightly bulbous shape to the tip that helps with prostate stimulation. That, combined with the shorter length, makes this an excellent dildo for getting into place and grinding on.

The suction cup is crazy strong and won't give out while you're rocking away. The final coupe de grace is the remote-controlled, 6-function vibration feature that really gives this little guy a leg up on the previous entry and turns your bang into a big bang. See what we did there?


Avi Dar Dildo Sensafirm Cock

8- Avi Dar Dildo Sensafirm Cock

When it comes to realism, materials like silicone and latex just don't get the job done. The most realistic dildos are made from one of the various proprietary blends that individual sex toy producers cook up. This dildo is made from one of those materials called SensaFirm.

The result is an incredibly soft, skin-like surface that seriously feels like the real thing. The major drawback of many of these materials, SensaFirm included, is that they require a bit of extra attention to maintain. If you're looking for absolute realism and don't mind a bit of extra maintenance, this is an extremely satisfying ride with enough length and girth to satisfy without being intimidating.


King Cock 6" Cock with Balls

7- King Cock 6" Cock with Balls

Having just said that the more common materials don't get the job done when it comes to realism, here comes the exception that proves the rule! We don't know how they did it, but Pipedream managed to make an incredibly detailed, realistic PVC dildo that feels great and rides smooth.

It has an incredibly strong suction cup that won't quit until you do. The Smaller size and slight curve are fully serviceable for hitting your P-spot if you use it as more of a rocker than a thruster. Along those same lines, the shorter size might be a turn-off for guys who like a little more length. All in all, this is a solid, satisfyingly realistic dildo!


Curve Novelties Thinz 7" Slim Dong

6- Curve Novelties Thinz 7" Slim Dong

This is a sort of "no bells and whistles" realistic dildo, but that actually works in its favor in a lot of ways. This realistically shaped dildo lacks a lot of the texturing you find with most realistic dildos. While this detracts from the realism, it adds to the functionality in other ways.

For one, some guys don't like all that extra texturing because they find it uncomfortable. Secondly, all that texturing makes the dildo harder to clean. The finer the detail, the more places hard-to-clean places there are. Anyone who's ever had a dildo in their business end knows why that can be problematic.

This baby has enough length to give you wiggle room to ride how you like. It's long enough for longer, thrusting strokes but not too long for grinding and rocking. What really makes this dildo great is the degree of curve and the power of the suction cup. The curve allows you to hit the spot you need and the suction cup lets you ride as hard or as gently as you like without giving out. All that for less than twenty bucks!


Curve Novelties Mister Stiffy Dildo

5- Curve Novelties Mister Stiffy

This dildo hits a lot of the high marks you are looking for in a realistic dildo. It's got a good length so you have the option for longer strokes, an excellent curve for hitting your P-spot, a bold, not-too-busy, veiny texture that's easy to clean, and a perfect girth for guys who like it right about in the middle of the road, stretch-wise.

If you're looking for a solid dildo that's realistic and easy to maintain, this is your guy.


6" Cyberskin Cyber Realistic Dildo with Balls

4- 6" Cyberskin Cyber Realistic Dildo with Balls

One of the things most dildos fail to recreate is the varied firmness of an actual, erect cock. This dildo, on the other hand, features a dual-density core and Cyberskin material that work together to create a dildo that is incredibly realistic to the touch. Really, the only thing it lacks is a bit of a curve to help hit the sweet spot.

Cyberskin is another one of those proprietary material blends that requires a bit of extra attention to maintain.  If you don't mind a little extra work, though, this is about as close as you can get to the real thing.


King Cock Plus 6.5 Dual Density Cock with Balls

3- King Cock Plus 6.5 Dual Density Cock with Balls

This is another dual-density design that features a proprietary material blend. Again, it takes a little extra effort to maintain, but the rewards are well worth it for the right type of guy. It is also compatible only water-based lubes.

This dildo has a Fanta Flesh coating around a solid core that feels so much like a real boner that you just wouldn't believe it. This dildo is a lot like the previous entry, except that it has a slightly better shape for juicing your prostate and Fanta Flesh is easier to maintain than Cyberskin. Oh, and it's even a few bucks cheaper than the previous entry!


Loverboy Papito

2- Loverboy Papito

Don't be fooled by this dildo's low price and somewhat gimmicky vibe, it delivers the goods and then some! It's not made of silicone or some fancy, mad-science blend of rubbers, just PVC. It doesn't have some fancy technology that makes it feel just like a real erection and it doesn't vibrate.

So, why the hell is it in the number two position on the list?! Well, it comes down to functionality. This is an absolute beast for stimulating your prostate. Plop that gnarly suction cup down on a flat surface, carefully insert, get into position, and rock your prostate against the serious curve of this dildo and you'll know what we're talking about!

Affordable, effective, deceptively delightful.


Prince Yahshua Ultraskyn 10.5" Cock

1- Prince Yahshua Ultraskyn 10.5" Cock

It's almost as if the designers of this dildo took a look at what makes the best realistic dildos the best and decided to throw it all together into one, outrageously satisfying dildo to rule them all. It's got super realistic UltraSkyn surrounding a solid inner core for all that dual-density goodness. The textures are realistic and detailed without being so fiddly that they are hard to clean up and the length is more than enough to satisfy any thrusting needs without being too girthy. Top it all off with a Vac-U-Lock suction cup and you've got yourself one helluva rockin' dildo to keep you company on a lonely night!

If you're looking for a well-proportioned, extremely well-designed dildo that has all of the best elements of the rest of the dildos on the list with none of the drawbacks, there's only one choice!


General Tips And Resources For Realistic Dildos

    Realistic Dildo For You

    Useful Accessories For Realistic Dildos

    There are a number of accessories that can make the time you spend with your realistic dildos that much better.

    Cock rings are always an excellent way to turn up the heat and add new sensations to any sexytime sesh. If you're looking for a basic design that gets the job done, these ones will do the trick nicely. If you want something a little fancier, you can't go wrong with this incredibly powerful vibrating cock ring from LELO.

    A lot of the dildos on this list that are made from proprietary, realistic-feeling material blends can only be used with water-based lubes. For our money, you can't go wrong with Boy Butter!

    It's slick AF, long-lasting, and EZ pump makes it hella convenient to dispense and only puts out as much as you need so you don't waste any.

    Pleasure with Realistic Dildo

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