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Monarch Noir Nipple Vice by Master Series

Monarch Noir Nipple Vice by Master Series

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The Master Series Monarch Noir Nipple Vice is a black finish nipple clamp product that comes in pairs. It is a pair of nipple clamps linked together with a chain. Once the nipple clamps are clipped on, they will send an exciting rush of pleasure and pain but this is something any pair of nipple clamps can do. The Monarch Noir Nipple Vice is totally different in that its engineered design redirects pressure applied to the chain directly to the clamps, this allows for a greater pinch and that should bring some solidly painful pleasures to the one wearing the clamps.

You can enforce your will and dominate your sub by applying the nipple clamps to deal discipline and enjoy their pain. Perhaps you want to feel the excruciatingly ecstatic pleasure by yourself, the Monarch Noir Nipple Vice will deliver the pain so you can experience the pleasure. Grab the chain and step-up the pain, enjoy.

Special Features No Feature
Size One Size
Color Black
Material No
Product Code XRAA472
Manufacturer XR Brands
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