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Rouge Leather Handle Lead Leash

Rouge Leather Handle Lead Leash

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For The Lovers of Fetish and Bondage, This Leash Is Simple and Functional

  • Features a metal chain and a trigger hook
  • 100% leather
  • Highly durable

The Rouge Leather Handle Lead Leash is designed to please individuals that love fetish and bondage play. By enslaving your boy with this amazing leash, you will redirect him to focus. The leash is made from a durable material and includes a leather lead with a metal chain and a trigger hook on one end.

The leash has a length that will fit any person, which will keep your boy close to you and is made with 100% leather, which makes it super durable. You can clip the hook around your belt as your boy follows you behind and you can be sure he will love being your slave.

The leash will be comfortable around your neck, and the metal chain is coated to avoid rust. This black Rouge Leather Handle Lead is unique and outstanding from other ordinary leashes. In additional to being incredibly durable, this leash is very flexible.

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