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Adonis Caesar Silicone Ring

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California Exotic Novelties is the maker of the “Adonis Caesar Silicone Ring - Red”. It is made from 100% silicone which makes it safe because they are hypoallergenic. Baby bottles are fitted with silicone nipples and if a baby can suck on them until they are weaned, with no ill effects - wearing one to wrap around your cock and balls should be safe too.

With an inch and a quarter of red rubbery constricting power, one’s average dick may feel a tight comfortable squeeze but for the big boys it may border on a feeling of discomfort for extended periods of use. It is most certain to take your game to a whole new level and get you to last like a champion.

Keeping your precious silicone cock ring in top shape requires only some cleaning. Stick it in the dishwasher, boil it or dip it in a hypochlorite solution and its all good.

Material Silicone
Style N/A
Color Red
Size 1.50"
Special Features No Feature
Product Code SE1368-10
Manufacturer California Exotic Novelties