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Aneros SGX Male Prostate Stimulator

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The SGX Male Prostate Stimulator is a cousin and a new transformation of the medically studied and developed SGX Male Prostate Stimulator. The SGX Male Prostate Stimulator is the progenitor of the Male G-spot sensation and it has lent its design for the Asian market to produce the smaller SGX Male Prostate Stimulator. The SGX has an insertable length of 4 inches and the SGX has a shorter length of 3.5 inches which is considered to be a device for the novice class in the prostate stimulation genre. Even from the early development of the very first Aneros products, a choice to use only FDA approved materials was paramount which is only fitting for such a revolutionary device like the MGX and the subsequent SGX model.

Special Features No Feature
Size No
Insertable Length 3 inches
Width 0.9 Inches
Color White
Material Plastic
Item Length 4 inches
Product Code 9876-07
Manufacturer Aneros