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Astroglide Warming Liquid Lube

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The calming element of heat slowly warming up your nether regions as a hard pole pumps deep like a piston increases the pleasurable sensations for any receiver. It also heightens the sexual experience for the stiff cock drilling that hole as the warmth sends signals of pleasure to the brain. Go and take that step to the next level of sexual enlightenment, experience sex with the addition of heat using Astroglide’s Warming Liquid. Get to feel the mellow warmth from this water-based and latex safe lubricant that contains Propylene Glycol, Glycerin, Purified Water, Methylparaben and Polyquaternium 15. Expect the same awesome slippery feel and long lasting effects that one gets from all lube products that come from Astroglide - the trusted brand of personal lubricant from Biofilm, Inc. Carry this 2.5 ounce pop-top bottle of Warming Liquid wherever you go, you’ll never know, a serendipitous event might present itself.

Size 2.5 oz
Flavour No
Special Features Heats
Product Code 6705W
Manufacturer Astroglide