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Automatic Rock Hard Penis Pump

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The automatic Rock Hard Pump eases the penis pumping experience with superior suction, requiring no manual pumping or squeezing.

  • Gives you longer and thicker erections
  • Fully automated pump unit
  • The transparent tube is calibrated for ease of use

The Automatic Rock Hard Pump comes with a transparent tube with etched measurements to track your progress. With this pump, you will obtain amazing results with only a push of a button. This pump will offer superior suction that will deliver amazing hard and stronger erections. With more practice and use of this pump, your penis will become larger which will make you feel confident about your size and give you the stamina to pound your boy’s ass harder.

The incredible feature about this pump is that it does not require squeezing or pumping; you only need to press a button and lay down to watch as your meat gets harder and stronger. The compact automatic pump whispers quietly and is designed for one hand operation and superior suction.

The tapered sleeve is made of high-quality material and designed to offer a secure seal. It has a detachable hose which makes it compatible and easy to carry along when going on a trip or vacation. Clean the pump using a sex toy cleaner and warm water.