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Bottoms Up Desensitizing Spray – Adam's Toy Box
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Bottoms Up Desensitizing Spray

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Don’t get bummed out by the pain you get from butt fucking with Bottoms Up Desensitizing Spray - 4.26 oz. Anal sex can be wonderful with proper training, lube and sometimes a spritz or two of desensitizing spray. There are plenty out there but Bottoms Up Desensitizing Spray is the kind that does not get sticky and messy.

As a water-based personal lube, it does not go all over the place - just where you want it. This vanilla-scented desensitizing spray comes in a 4.26 oz spray bottle.

A few minutes before the anal action, spray a couple of times on your bung hole and since it is fast acting, you don’t have to wait long to get it on.