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Climax Hemp

Climax Hemp Seed Burst Vitamin E Glide

Climax Hemp Seed Burst Vitamin E Glide

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Healthy lube, healthy orgasm. 

So you think you know lube. Well, maybe you do: but things are advancing and getting better by the hour, so get ready for this new, healthy lube. 

First of all, hemp seed is great for our skin health. It has plenty of Omega oils, which help keep our skin young and beautiful. It is also a very natural ingredient, so that’s always a plus. 

Then, it’s got plenty of Vitamin E. Vitamin E is basically an oil which helps keep your skin moist. It acts both as a natural lubricant and as a vitamin for your skin which keeps it soothed, stretchy, and naturally beautiful. A healthy dose of Vitamin E every once in a while is the key to staying young where it matters. 

  • Made with hemp seed
  • 4 ounces
  • With Vitamin E

A very comfortable lube that helps you stay looking young down there, where it matters most! 

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