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Colt Big Man Penis Pump System

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Our Colt Big Man Pump System Allows For The Girth Of The Big And Well-Endowed Men. It Is Recommendable For Men With At Least 9 Inches In Length And 1.75 Inches In Diameter.

  • Heavy-duty oversized cylinder designed for the big man
  • Removable, flexible Silicone air hose easily detaches while maintaining superior suction
  • Easy Squeeze trigger handle with a quick air release valve

The Colt Big Man Pump is a unique system that will suit even those men with huge packages. It is heavy duty and has an extra large cylinder with an enough room to expand your penis to greater heights. The clear cylinder allows you to read the size measurements table as you pump your package. The cylinder opening is flanged which fits comfortably and allows room for your penis to move around.

This Colt Big Man Pump System will give your cock shocking new levels of size and power. With this Max-Precision Power Pump, erection dysfunction will be a problem of the past since it trains your penis to stay erect for long with much power thus you don’t have to go looking for expensive medical treatments. When used frequently, you can also achieve an increased penis length and will allow you and your partner to enjoy heightened pleasure with long lasting stimulations.

The Squeeze trigger handle is extra large to allow one-hand operation. You just need a little effort to produce an under pressure and slowly increase this pressure. The flexible hose will fasten on the cylinder with plug-clam connector. A firm and air-tight connection that can easy release by pressure the clam. The pump also features a quick-release valve for secure usage.