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COLT Camo Bone Gag

COLT Camo Bone Gag

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Strapped and gagged by COLT.

The COLT Camo Bone Gag is made from simple materials that you can find in similar products, materials like silicone, cotton, polyurethane, and iron. Like in most modern BDSM gear, these materials are phthalate free and safe for your body. The difference between this product and the rest lie in the details and care in making a quality product that is worthy of the COLT brand. For instance, the ultra-durable, soft, and comfortable straps with PU lining, other products will use your average straps and would not even bother with comfort. COLT also uses a durable camo fabric and matches that with reinforced stitching as well. As for the pure silicone bone gag, a soft and food grade silicone is chosen as it will be in a user’s mouth. The heavy duty nickel free hardware will not tarnish so you can have your gear strong, shiny, and looking new even with repeated use. The adjustable universal buckles allow you to get this gag fitted perfectly.

  • Silicone | Cotton | Polyurethane | Iron
  • Phthalate Free
  • Ultra-durable, soft, and comfortable straps with PU lining
  • Durable camo fabric
  • Reinforced stitching
  • Pure silicone bone gag
  • Heavy duty nickel free hardware will not tarnish
  • Adjustable universal buckles


5" x 1" (Bone Gag)

Would not be gagged with anything other than this. Buy it today.

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