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Colt Nipple Pro Suckers

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Nipple play isn’t just for women. Men’s nipples are just as sensitive, and our Colt Nipple Pro Suckers is the toy you need to stimulate them.

  • Secure seal stays in place.
  • Easily adjust suction with a simple twist.
  • Unique vacuum suction for increased sensitivity.

Men’s nipples always seemed to be overlooked during foreplay and sex sessions. Once you realize just how good it feels to stimulate the nipples during sex you’ll never go back to ignoring them again. With these nipple suckers you can go from slightly stimulated for the beginners, up to BDSM levels of controlled, erotic, pain by increasing the suction until your line between pleasure and pain starts to blur. Once you release the suction your nipples will be sensitive to the touch for the rest of your play session. Now, hand them over to your partner and the two of you can enjoy what you’ve been missing for too long.

When you buy our Colt Nipple Pro Suckers you will receive:

- Two, red or black nipple suckers

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