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Durex Extra Sensitive - Gay Men's Sex Toys - Adam's Toy Box

Durex Extra Sensitive

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When a condom is ultra thin, sensitivity is enhanced but on top of that, extra lube for sensitivity is provided and that is what you get with Durex Extra Sensitive condoms. That is a lot, again Durex does go past just the idea of safety and these special properties of the condom are just what you would expect. The ultra thin material allows for more sensitivity without losing protection. The lube is a bonus that bridges that sensitivity gap and together it feels like there is nothing there and perhaps for some it would feel better than the natural thing. Don’t have it any other way, be protected and feel the enhanced pleasure that the extra sensitive condoms from Durex can bring. The fitted shape is easy to put on and comfortable to wear. This thin condom is approximately 20% thinner than your ordinary condom. Experience skin-to-skin feel without the danger of pregnancy and STDs.

Flavour No
Box of 12
Material Latex
Length No
Product Code DUR7465-12
Manufacturer Durex