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Durex Tropical Color & Scents Condoms - Gay Men's Sex Toys - Adam's Toy Box

Durex Tropical Color & Scents Condoms

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Protection that is fun and deliciously sexy, that is what the Durex Tropical Color and Scents Condoms are certainly all about. Why be boring when you can be different and fun? Durex has a handle on this and thus it has created these Tropical Color and Scents Condoms. In the animal kingdom colors are cool when it comes to mating so don some colors but take it to the next level by adding some scents to it. Although at this point the attraction has already transpired, it is still cool to be colorful and scented. Put one on and gaze upon your johnson to see it in a different way, be inspired to take it deep and bang away at your lover. This Bowl of 40 provides sexual enhancement and protection with a variety of tropical flavors and create an island paradise in your own bedroom so you can go primal and wild.

Flavour Assorted Flavours
Box of 12
Material No
Length 7.5 inches
Product Code 7607-27
Manufacturer No