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Elbow Grease H2O - Thin Gel – Adam's Toy Box
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Elbow Grease H2O - Thin Gel

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Water-based lubricants work well with all materials used in the sex toy and novelty market and they also work great for the human body. This 24 ml bottle of Elbow Grease H2O Thin Gel is perfect for carrying in your pocket and inasmuch as you would like to be with your pants down, you’ll never be caught with your pants down with no lube in hand. It is formulated to be ultra slippery but natural enough to feel like your own bodily fluids. You can use it bareback or use it with a latex condom, it works well either way. This long lasting water-based lubricant from B Cumming Company Inc. also incorporates some anti-microbial properties for a safer sexual event. This product is unlike other preparations that get sticky over time so the party goes on for longer and when the intimate play is done, clean up with warm water.

Size 1 oz
Flavour No
Special Features No Feature
Product Code 7217-51
Manufacturer Elbow Grease