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Elbow Grease Hot Cream - Gay Men's Sex Toys - Adam's Toy Box

Elbow Grease Hot Cream

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For a hot night of slick passion, get some Elbow Grease Hot Cream to get the fire going. This Elbow Grease Hot Cream heats up to a soft and warm sensation that increases sexual stimulation. It works well when used as a solo masturbation lube but it is also a wonderful lubricant when used for vaginal and anal sex. The slow and constant rise of heat warms up a cock and a partner’s or lovers’ insides - warmed on contact. A sex toy that is not made from latex materials can also be used. The mineral oil-based formulation of Elbow Grease Hot Cream is not a safe match for latex because it destroys the bonds of latex and makes it unfit and unsafe. To practice safe sex using Elbow Grease Hot Cream lube, a non-latex condom must be used - make sure to check carefully before the hot action begins.

Size 4 oz
Flavour No
Special Features Heats
Product Code 7217-34
Manufacturer Elbow Grease