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Elbow Grease Light Cream - Gay Men's Sex Toys - Adam's Toy Box

Elbow Grease Light Cream

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If the Elbow Grease Original formulation is a bit thick for your needs then the Elbow Grease Light Cream should be the perfect match. Enhance sexual stimulation with Elbow Grease Light Cream, a long lasting premium cream lube in a thin formulation. Elbow Grease Light Cream is another winner from B. Cumming Company. The B. Cumming Company is one of the leading personal lubricant makers in the world and Elbow Grease is just one of their awesome product lines. For a real slick feel of a cream lube that isn’t heavy on your dick, slap on some Elbow Grease Light Cream and slip that schlong squarely in your girl’s snatch or your lover’s ass. The product works both ways for both sexes. It can’t be used with latex condoms and that is the only unfortunate thing this 4 oz jar of cream is not able to do. Non-latex is cool with it if you have to use rubbers.

Size 4 oz
Flavour No
Special Features No Feature
Product Code 7217-04
Manufacturer Elbow Grease