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Ergo Speed Douche

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The Perfect Fit Ergo Speed Douche System is on the cutting edge with its Ergo Air Valve Technology and 6” bending nozzle - very few are in its class of cleaning systems. Get yourself a deep clean with its thin 6” TPR bending nozzle and with its generous easy to squeeze bulb that holds 10 oz. The entire unit is easy to assemble with its quick screw-in 6" bending nozzle and because it disassembles easily as well, keeping it in tip top shape is a breeze too.

Perfect Fit has made sure that the unit’s bulb is made from only the best Medical Grade PVC that is 100% Phthalate free and the quick screw-in 6" bending nozzle is made from high quality TPR free from Phthalate to keep it body safe and meet  EN-713 standards. For a comfortable and quick douche cleaning system, go for the Ergo Speed Douche System.

Product Code PF-ER-02
Color Black
Manufacturer Perfect Fit