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Fantasy CRingz Rock Hard Ball Banger

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The Fantasy C-Ringz Rock Hard Ball Banger Offers Two Incredible Pleasure Sensations foran Orgasmic Experience

  • A pair of well-fitting, vibrating cock rings
  • Protective ball pouch
  • Two-in-one sensations

This toy helps you achieve a rock-hard erection by pushing your sack outwards. The pouch, made from Silicone, provides just the right squeeze for your balls. Your man will marvel at how hard your rod will be. You no longer need to fret about slapping your balls against his skin – the Rock Hard Ball Banger offers additional support and protects your jewels from injury.

It also has a silicone ring that helps you achieve outstanding erections and improve your game. Once the ball pouch confines your balls, you experience a sensual squeeze that helps your penis get harder. Newbies will enjoy the comfort offered by the Fantasy C-Ringz Ball Banger. It’s also perfect for those fetish enthusiasts who enjoy mind-blowing orgasms with their lovers. You can wear it for the whole day. It not only enhances the pounding sessions with your boy but also increases your rod’s girth when you wear it.

Since it’s Silicone-based, you can use it together with your favorite water-based lubricant. Don’t forget to clean it with warm, soapy water after each use. Leave it to dry before storing it.