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Funzone Juicy Mini Male Masturbator

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Another yummy and fruity treat from Topco Sales under the FunZone line of products is the Juicy Mini Male Masturbator - Grape. It is a super soft mini stroker that has a bumpy interior for that realistic sensation. Do not be fooled by the size of this stroker, it may look a bit small but when used on your dong the bells will ring out strong. The Love Skin material is top quality and waterproof so you can take it where other toys can’t. You can make love to yourself and get yourself off or you can have a lover use it on you. It can enhance the experience of lovemaking and make it even more fun, exciting and memorable. The adaptation of fruits for this masturbator is also smart. This product’s height is 2.76 inches, width 1.77 inches, depth 1.77 inches and weight 0.060 lbs.