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Elbow Grease

Fusion Deep Action Silicone Lubricant

Fusion Deep Action Silicone Lubricant

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If water is in the works for your sex play, selecting the right kind of lubricant for the situation is paramount to ensure successful sexual pleasures. The best choice is to go for a silicone-based lube, these lubricants do not degrade like water-based lubes in the presence of water. The B. Cumming Company has been in the biz for a long time now and their continuous development of products has addressed many needs that their customers have. The Fusion Deep Action Silicone Lubricant is part of their Elbow Grease brand that is a favorite for many lube users. The company has also reinvented the way you dispense the product with their new Grip-Pump Bottle So you ... “Grip it. Pump it. Do it.” The B. Cumming Company formulation makes this silicone lubricant slick and gentle for your skin. Coming over for a jacuzzi party, bring along your 2 oz bottle of Fusion Deep Action Silicone Lubricant, its a crowd pleaser. If you plan on having some company, like for an intimate pool party, the right kind of lubricant will ensure happier guests. Fear the water no more when using this silicone lube, Fusion Deep Action Silicone Lubricant is guaranteed to provide long lasting lubrication that is resistant to getting washed off by water. Forget any worries of guests having sensitive skin, B. Cumming Company has taken that into consideration and has made sure that it is a gentle formulation that would not irritate even those with sensitive skin. The Fusion Deep Action Silicone Lubricant proudly bears the Elbow Grease brand and you can be sure of the quality that is associated with this illustrious brand. The product also comes in a Grip-Pump bottle that makes it easy to dispense when the action starts. Get the party a slippery start with this 8 oz bottle of silicone lubricant from B. Cumming Company.


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