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Hyper X - 2 Capsule Blister

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Get More Bang For Your Buck

Hyper X is a male enhancement supplement made up of a proprietary blend of potent medicinal herbs and vitamins long thought to increase male virility, potency, and sexual stamina and health. This supplement contains goji extract, panax ginseng, deng sen extract, licorice root, dang gui, cinnamon bark, dismutase, rubus, cuscuta, cordyceps sinensus, condonopsis, pueraria lobata, superoxide, atractylodes and vitamin B12.

  • This supplement is best if used an hour before sex for a burst of stamina and energy or as a daily supplement to maintain sexual health.
  • Increased Stamina
  • Improves Bloodflow For Harder, Longer Lasting Erections

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