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Jack Adams Miracle Jock w/Elastic Lifts

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Not everyone is blessed with a perfect rear end so if you need a little boosts at the back, you can put on the Jack Adams Miracle Jock with Elastic Lifts. These amazing undergarments are made for function primarily and this Jack Adams Miracle Jock with Elastic Lifts is one such garment and more. This one comes in a combo of black and red colors that is a classic product color.

The color combination has been successful with many products and this one is no different. It is fashionable and sexy that offers great comfort and function. The jock does work on the back but the front is not forgotten either. The stretchy bands at the back lift you up and supports while the front is a cradle of comfort for your johnson.

Secure and support those family jewels in a jock that is made from 100% high quality polyester.