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Jack Adams NO. 1874 Jockstrap

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Keep Your Package Secure In This Unique and High-Quality Jack Adams No. 1874 Jockstrap

  • Sporty, unique design
  • Unique design made from durable material
  • Wide waistband and rear straps

The Jack Adams NO 1874 Jockstrap has a new and unique design. It comes with a wide waistband, and the rear straps are wider giving you great support and an excellent lift. The straps of this jockstrap will make your ass look delicious. When you are rocking this boxer, your man can’t help but get aroused, and when you drop your jeans since your package will look so attractive, he’ll be ready to pounce!

Both the waistband and the rear straps provide a comfortable snug fit, and you will feel amazing wearing it even during workouts. The boxer is made of 70% polyester, 15% cotton, and 15% rubber, which is a great combination that contributes to its durability.

After buying this men's jockstrap, you will notice the difference from other ordinary underwear; from the unique design to extreme comfort it provides.