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Jack-Aide Medium Density

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Jack-Aide Medium Density is a water-based lube that comes very close to the silky feel of a silicone-based lubricant. It is part of Zero Tolerance’s award winning collection of sex toys and novelties designed for a particular market - men. With Jack-Aide medium density lube, jacking off will never be the same again. The 8 oz bottle may not last that long from all the masturbating you will be doing once you get that slippery sensation of having it on. The product is made from high grade vegetable-based glycerin which sets it apart from other water-based lubes of the same class. It is at the middle of the density scale where it is not too thick nor too watery as well, formulated just at the right density to provide ample lubrication for your personal lubrication needs. Although Zero Tolerance has named it as a Jack-Aide this Medium Density lube is also great for couples and group sex.

Size 8 oz
Flavour No
Special Features No Feature
Product Code ZE-LU-3511
Manufacturer Zero Tolerance