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Jelly Oro Simulator - Gay Men's Sex Toys - Adam's Toy Box

Jelly Oro Simulator

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Get blown away by the jelly-black “Jelly Oro Simulator” from Synergy Erotic. If you are into receiving oral pleasures for your cock, a sweet moment alone with Synergy Erotic’s oral simulator will definitely suck you in for more. This artificial mouth with textured nodules inside will never tire sucking on your rod as long as you keep working that rubber bulb. You can shoot off as many times as you want as you enjoy the sensations from this robust sex toy. Plant that Ultra Gelle suction cup onto your dick, start squeezing the bulb and watch your dick get sucked off. In no time at all you’ll be blasting away loads of sticky man juice.

The translucent Ultra Gelle cup is made to mimic a realistic feel with its highly detailed textures. The length of the toy’s bulb, tube and cup is 15 inches long, ample length for some comfortable fun.